My car died on the high rise because of the alternator. It happened early morning. Had it towed to Sids and he had it fixed by noon the same day. Great service.

Shane Kunde

Really knowlegable. Really fair with price. Price matches the Quality of Service. It’s a true relief to have a trustworthy mechanic.

Myra Longaker

I met Sid when I lived in the area and my fan belt was making a weird noise. Sid fixed it in 10 mins and only charged me $20. Every vehicle I have had that I can’t repair myself has always gone to him. He estimated a brake job on my husband’s truck for only one side, and never charged a cent for the other. It may take a day or two to get in, but i know i will never pay a cent more than quoted.

Jennifer Wright

I’ve been going to the shop for 10+ years and the 3 guys who work there are always willing to work with you on pricing and very helpful, super quick and I have not had any issues at all with any on there work.

Carissa Kissinger

Truly an honest repairman. I didn’t think there were any of these places left in America. They offer great service and will never try to peddle services that you don’t need.

Raymon Santi

These guys are amazing! Super nice and they saved me a lot of money. One mechanic told me it was my engine without troubleshooting or checking other issues. Sids did a full review and realized it wasn’t my engine, saving me lots and lots of money. I was so appreciative. They are wonderful!

Denise Clark