Smiling employees standing outside of Sid's Auto Repair.

Bay View’s trusted neighborhood repair shop for over 16 years

Sid’s Auto opened its doors in 2003. That’s when auto mechanic and owner Sid Vannoy decided to devote his 30+ years of repair experience to serving the Bay View area.

After several years working for the “big guys”, such as Volvo, Goodyear, Chevy, Meineke (to name a few), Sid realized the repair processes at these companies didn’t align with his ethics and professional workflow. At big garages like these, he was handed sheets of paper listing needed repairs and expected to make fixes, no questions asked. He was never asked to actually diagnose vehicles beforehand.

Sid decided to do business the right way. To him, that meant finding the repairs needed and fixing them at a fair price, taking away the extras corporate shops add in order to make an extra buck. Since opening, Sid’s has become a staple in the Bay View community and known throughout Milwaukee as a trustworthy garage with great auto mechanics.